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EaseMedia - Your One Stop IT & EMarketing Solution Provider.

EaseMedia is one of the most growing internet marketing consulting companies in Hong Kong, and the first online competitive intelligence consulting for the internet businesses in the Hong Kong. EaseMedia is supporting companies by providing a wide range of solutions and e-marketing consulting services including online advertising, research, strategic consulting for online businesses and web, app development.

Johnlui.com - Global Digital Marketing & Analytics Expert.

John Lui’s efforts give his clients unstoppable global access to the most influential promotional medium the world has ever known. His mobile, display, and video marketing campaigns are among the Internet’s most effective. When clients invest in proven advertising such as Google AdWords, Yahoo/Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and Baidu, they enjoy
A superior ROI on marketing dollars
measurable increases in sales and profits
These strategies represent just a small sample of what Mr. Lui uses to achieve market dominance for his clients..
John Lui has the insight and experience to create a perfectly balanced program of effective digital strategies. He is also aware that China website speed has been frustrating many business owners for years. Speed can be a HUGE obstacle to companies seeking to expand their business to China through an online platform. Mr. Lui knows just what to do to hurdle that obstacle and clear the road for profitable business communication.
With his market awareness and bilingual ability, John Lui is able to offer a simple, effective, bottom-line-focused solution to solve this common problem

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